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The Compang is located in Zhangjiagang, a famous health city in Jiangsu Province, China.It has engaged in Teflon coating and lining for 30 years and served as a membership supplier of Sinopec and PetroChina and AAA credit enterprise awarded by the bank.It covers an area of 50 mu,with a registered capital of 28.6 million yuan and annual sales of 120 million yuan.
Main business scope:industry-grade,electronic-grade and semiconductor-grade lining(PTFE,NEW-PTFE,PFA,FRP,composite ECTFE,FRP composite PVDF,PE and PO);coating(PTFE,PFA,ETFE,ECTFE,and PVDF).
The Company has a sound quality management system,with strict implementation of 6s and 1400 enironment management system on production site.It has been accredited as qualified manufacturer of industry-grade Teflon by U.S. Dupont.Moreover,it has been granted the excellent customer award by Japan DAIKIN and titled as qualified industrial coating supplier by U.S.Solvay.The coating workshop is equipped with 12 large coating ovens {including super-large oven sized  Φ3.8m*8.5m in length},15 electric ovens and 2 small-sized experiment-purposed electric ovens.
We,staying committed to craftsmanship spirit,process improvement and technological innovation,strive to researche and develop the coating featuring better anti-corrosion,non-sitcking,anti-abrasion,lubricant,anti-vacuum and heat-conducting properties.
With many years of satisfactorily.Our Teflon coating products have been successfully applied in various fields ,such as new energy lithium batteries,semiconductors,fluorine chenical industry,envronmentalprotection,finechemicalindustry,pesticides,medicines,dyes and coatings,winning 1600-odd customery.We have registered an annual anti-corrosion processing capacity as follows:1300 large and small-sized reactors,550 tanks,500 centrifugal machines,150 drying devices,200 filters,40 towers,88 special non-standard devices and 50000m pipeline.
The Company,adhering to the enterprise spirit of unity and innovation principle of good faith,commits itself to delivering pre-sales,in-sales and after-sales services,in order to make due contribution to the chemical anti-corrosion undertaking in China!


Company Culture

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    Guidance, Innovation, Win-win

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    Pursue Satisfaction, Never Be Satisfied

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    Responsibility, Honesty, Dedication

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Pure water cleaner
Hydraulic press
German film thickness instrument
Australian spark detector
Adhesion tester
Sandblasting roughness detector
Film thickness instrument for small tubular orifice

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