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Jangsu ChiNaite Anticorrosive Technology Co., Ltd.
Sales switchboard:0512-58639752 resale one part and two parts
Sales manager:15162335239   [email protected]
Technical consultation:15895471898   [email protected]
Complaints hotline:15851648416   [email protected]
Company mailbox:[email protected]
Company Web :http://www.hsinkp.live
Company Add:張家港市常陰沙經濟開發區珠江路
Company Postal Code:215623
Bus route: Take 201 and 221 buses from Zhangjiagang Long-distance Bus Station to the terminal.
Driving Route: Shanghai - A5 Highway - Riverside Expressway - Fenghuang Exit - 204 National Highway to Lianyungang - Gangfeng Highway to East - Hongqi Road to Left
                        Nanjing-Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway-Yanjiang Expressway-S19 Jinfeng Export (ibid.)
                        Yancheng-Ningjing-Yancheng Expressway-Xicheng Expressway-Yanjiang Expressway-S19 Jinfeng Export (ibid.)
                        Hangzhou-Sujiahang Expressway-Riverside Expressway-Phoenix Export (ibid.)
                        Yangzhou-Ningjingyan Expressway-Xicheng Expressway-Yanjiang Expressway-S19 Jinfeng Export (ibid.)

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