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After-sales service

I. Information Feedback
1. After-sales service department has a special person responsible for user information tracking, timely understanding of customer usage, and maintain close contact with customers.
2. For the product quality problems or product improvement opinions reflected by customers, the business department reflects the problems to the relevant responsible departments of the company in the form of "customer complaint report". After research and analysis, solutions and preventive measures are formulated and stored in the company's quality files and user files.
3. Register customer calls and reply to customer's consulting content in time.
II. Service Commitment
1. When special equipment customers install, the company will send service personnel to the site within 24 hours to coordinate the installation, to ensure that the installation is safe.
2. When the customer requests to send someone to the site to deal with the quality problems, no matter which side of the problem, the company's service personnel will arrive at the site within 48 hours and actively cooperate with the customer to solve the problem.
3. In order to make customers know how to maintain and use the equipment, the company will send professional technicians to provide technical training guidance to customers according to their needs.
4. Service Response Speed Commitment: If the company's after-sales service personnel need to serve customers, the general distance is by air, and the short distance is by high-speed rail.
5. After the on-site after-sales service personnel, they need to be clean and hygienic and restore the customer site as it is.
III. Quality Assurance
1. During the product quality guarantee period, if quality problems occur, the company shall be responsible for solving them in time.
2. During the product quality guarantee period, the company will be responsible for the free refund and replacement of any product damage caused by the manufacturing quality of the product; besides the product quality guarantee period, the company will actively deal with the problem and only collect cost fees.